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Specification of Reinforced PP (FRPP) mould drain pipe series
Specification of Reinforced PP (FRPP) mould drain pipe series


Product Overview  Reinforced polypropylene (FRPP) molded drain pipe is a kind of milling, injection molding and pressure shaped reinforced pipe with the major raw materials of polypropylene (PP) resin and the additives of fiber, carbon black and other intensifiers and strong antioxidant.
Product nameProduct specification Product colorRaw material Executive standard
Reinforced PP (FRPP) mould drain pipeΦ200-1350mmBlackpolypropylene (PP) resinQ/SIR B1-2007
Service life   Design service life is 50 years
Performance CharacteristicsApplication area
  1、Great high temperature resistant and corrosion-resisting properties;
 2、Smooth and fouling-free internal wall and small fluid resistance;
   3、Solid reinforcement structure, better loop rigidity and pressure resistance than other hollow pipes;
   4、Proper length of 2M and convenient in carrying and handing;
 5、Light weight, tightly jointed rubber ring socket joint and convenient and rapid installation;
 6、Flexible interface, great resistance for differential settlement of foundation and hardly leaky interface;
 7、Long service life which is as long as 50 years under normal application;
 External wall structure of the pipe is scientifically and rationally designed with the principle of physical mechanics, having the effect of decomposing the external force;
  1. Be applicable to buried drain and blow-off pipes around municipal engineering and building engineering;
 2. Be applicable to the drain pipe for corrosive sewage of industry, chemical plant, medicine plant and other trades;
 3. Be applicable to the infiltration and drain pipes for underground, railway and expressway;
 4. Be applicable to large dock, port engineering airport engineering;
   5. Especially be applicable to reconstruction of drainage series engineering in old city zone
Construction requirementsPrecautions
Refer to Detail Drawing of Groove Excavation and Foundation Pit Supporting of Reinforced PP (FRPP) mould drain pipes, and strictly comply with the requirements of national and industry standards GB 50268-2008 Code for Construction and Acceptance of Water Supply and Sewerage Pipelines.1、Tubes should not be impacted and thrown during seriously during the transportation.
2、he open air storage is allowed, with the distance of more than 1m from the hear source. The storage period is within three years after the date of storing.

Dimension list of Reinforced PP (FRPP) mould drain pipe

Nominal diameterND200DN225DN300DN400DN500DN600DN700DN800DN900DN1000DN1100DN1200
Internal diameter of pipe Dri200225300400500600700800900100011001200
External diameter of pipe;4KN/M2216241320428536648752856960106411641268
DROBKN/M2 220245328436544656760864968107211721276
Internal diameter of socket Dsi223248324426528632737838942104511481251
External diameter of faucet LS220245321422523626730830933103511371239
Depth of socket Ls545862707886100114128142156170
Depth of faucet Ls52564068768498112126140154168
Depth of faucet Tp444456677889
Rib space Sd666666666666666666666666
Length of pipe L200020002000200020002000200020002000200020002000

Physical mechanical properties of pipe should meet the regulations in Table 2.

ItemTest conditionIndex
Loop rigidity KN/ m2See Section 6.5 Loop Rigidity Test, Chapter 6, Test Method, of the Standard.Class 4s=4
Class 8s=8
Class 10s=10
Loop flexibilityBeing compressed to 30% (4KN/m2), 25% (8KN/m2)) and 20% (10KN/m2) of the external diameter of pipe wall, and containing at least 5 stiffeners. Split line position of test piece 0°, 45° and 90° away from upper flat plateWithout stratification, cracking and permanent curvature distortion; more than 80% of recovery
Drop impact testWithout breakage and leakageTIR≤10%
Oven testTest should be carried out according to regulations of GB/T14152. Refer to Table 3, Table 4 and Table 5.Without stratification, cracking and bubbling
Joint sealing test (19±10)0c,0.15MPa,15min。Without breakage and leakage