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Composite flat wall plastic-steel embedded type seamless drain pipe series
Composite flat wall plastic-steel embedded type seamless drain pipe series
Composite flat wall plastic-steel embedded type seamless drain pipe is a T-shaped plate prefabricated of polyethylene (PE) resin as the main raw material. Plate is wrapped on the pipe forming machine and thermowelded to pipe, meanwhile, W-shaped steel band rolled of band steel is embedded in the slot between the two plates, and PE covered on the steel band becomes the external wall of pipe. This is the third generation new plastic-steel drain pipe.

    1、High hoop rigidity (main technical indicators of drain pipe): Being tested and applied in the project, its hoop rigidity is greater than SN8 (SN20 at the highest), which is incomparable by HDPE plastic pipe generally.

   2、Pipe wall thickness is uniform and performance is consistent: There is no thinner part because the pipe wall thickness is uniform. Thus, the performance of pipe wall is consistent.

   3、 No leakage: The same material is used for welding between plates (HOPE welding is excellent), and welding seam is uniform and firm without leakage after rolling and cooling.

  4、Fine corrosion resistance: For traditional steel-plastic pipes, their steel bands and PE plates are bonded together. Because the expansion coefficient of PE is 10 times of that of the steel, PE is easily pulled apart during thermal expansion or cold shrinkage, so that the traditional steel-plastic pipe may loss corrosion resistance. However, for composite flat wall plastic-steel embedded type drain pipes, their steel bands are enclosed in the middle of the pipe walls by PE plates and are “free” relatively, which well solves the above difficulty of easy cracking.

  5、Save on transport costs: In case of large pipe engineering, equipment can be carried to site for production, so as to save the transport costs greatly.

  6、Long pipe. During pipe forming, plates and steel bands can be connected continuously, so that the pipe can be made as required as longer, and even only one pipe is set between two manholes. Thus, connections of pipes are reduced or omitted for further reducing leakage.

  7、Thin pipe wall and low cost: elastic modulus of steel is 200 times of HDPE, but the price of HDPE is three to four times of that of steel, thus, steel bands with high intensity are used for making pipe framework, so as to thin down the pipe wall greatly.

  8、Adjustable pipe diameter: The same plate (steel band) can be made to pipes of different diameters according to the requirements of hoop rigidity. Thus, the pipe has high flexibility and is easy to cut.

  9、Fast installation rate: Socket joints are adopted between pipes and pipe and manholes, with fast installation rate and low fee.

  10、Settlement resistance:Due to advanced design of pipe wall structure and reasonable process design, the double flat wall plastic-steel wrapped drain pipes have the performances of rigidity and flexibility. Through rigorous breakdown test done by us, the composite flat wall plastic-steel embedded type seamless drain pipes can resist severe environment and settlement of stratum;