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  GuangDong Juyuan Pipe Co., Ltd. is located in A1 Zone of Jiafu Industrial Park, Yinzhan Industrial Park, in Qingcheng District, Qingyuan City, which is known as “Pearl of Beijing River”, and abuts against Guangzhou-Wuhan High-speed Railway and Guangzhou-Qingyuan High-speed Railway, so that the traffic is very convenient. It supports multiple technologies of Shanghai Honghu Technology Co., Ltd. and is a new- and high-tech enterprise, which integrates the research and development, production and sale of environmental plastic pipes and pipe fittings and has the right of production and operation.

  The company has the principal products as composite flat wall plastic-steel embedded type seamless drain pipe (Φ300~2200mm), reinforced PP (FRPP) mould drain pipe (Φ200~1200mm), rigid PVC (PVC-U) pipes and pipe fittings for construction drainage (Φ32~315mm), rigid PVC (PVC-U) downpipes and fittings for construction (Φ50~160mm), polyethylene (PE) water supply pipes and pipe fittings (Φ16~1000mm) and cold and hot water polypropylene (PP-R) feed pipes and pipe fittings (Φ20~160mm) and so on. All products are carried with quality control strictly according to the industrial standards, national standards and international standards, and are appraised as the Recommendation Products of Engineering Construction by China Association for Engineering Construction Standardization. Wherein, Composite flat wall plastic-steel embedded type seamless drain pipe also can be used as traction tubes, realizing the one-pipe function firstly in the industry; Reinforced PP (FRPP) mould drain pipe obtains eight national late-model patents and three patents for invention, and is determined as “Promotion and Transformation Project of New- and High-tech Results”. With the approval of Guangzhou Sewage Control Co., Ltd., the company has been listed as one of the manufacturers of engineering materials for sewage control in July 2009. The company introduces several sets of production equipment as the full automatic or semi automatic production line of pipe extrusion and plastic jetting-moulding machine for pipe production from Battenfeld and other companies in Germany, really realizing the “One-stop Purchasing” service mode in purchasing the materials for water supply and drainage items of municipal works and construction works. The company is set with standard product test rooms, and has specialized testing and detecting equipment and a group of capable and vigorous technicians. The products are extensively used in pipeline network engineering of municipal works and civil works, with excellent quality and reasonable prices. The company establishes the commercial networks one after another in all great cities in and out of the province.

  [Good Faith Based; Innovation to Win; Trustworthiness and Respect-work; In Search Of Excellence] Our “Juyuan Staffs” keep forging ahead, and are steadfast, determined and dauntless, and are willing to make long-time effort to achieve a goal; In order to promote the competitive power of enterprise, we devote all our attention to study and learn for years as a day, to promote quality of technology and products continuously, reduce cost of manufacture, increase and create new advantages and build up brand image in the industry, with our conservation. All our “Juyuan Staffs”, with advanced technique of manufacture, excellent products and services, are willing to cooperate with friends at all circles to make progress hand in hand, and make a contribution in the process of creating green environmental plastic water supply and drainage new world.